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Things to know when buying a mobile home in New York

This week, our series takes us north, with things you need to know when you buy a mobile home in New York. So far, our State Guide has covered more than 35 states. To find out if we have ever visited your state, check out our Resource Section of the State Guide.

Life in a mobile home in New York

Did you know that New York has the third largest population among the 50 states? Only California and Texas have a greater number of residents and, although 40% of residents in this state live in New York, living in a mobile home remains a very popular option in other regions States. Here are some other interesting facts about living in a mobile home in New York City:

The average price of a used vehicle 62137 $
Average model year of a used house: 2003
Average size of used houses in square feet: 1184
Average number of sites in a prefabricated community: 75
Average year of creation of a community: 1982
Number of communities restricted to age: 94
Number of communities of all ages: 904

Bet that wide single stays cool with all the built-in nuance.

Know before you buy

The New York Manufactured Housing Association The website is a mine of information. They share all kinds of information about prefabricated housing for potential buyers. Some of the information you can find include:

  • Funding
  • Information on the foundations of prefabricated houses
  • How to find a community
  • The differences between built and built houses

You can contact them if you have questions about manufacturers, dealers in your state or any other questions you may have.

Housing Association of New York, Inc.
634 Watervliet Shaker Rd
Latham, NY 12110
(518) 867-3242 • (800) 721-HOME
(protected email)

Make your new home legal

When you buy a mobile home in New York, your new home (or new for you) will have to carry a title. Like most states, New York uses DMV to manage its titration process. A major difference, New York does not require homes built before 1995 to have a title. You can find the form here.

Do not forget that if you buy your prefabricated home from a dealer, it will usually take care of all the titration for you. Just be sure to ask about closing.

If you get into trouble

If you buy a new mobile home, the house automatically includes a one year manufacturing warranty. Any problems or deficiencies in the plant or plant are usually handled by contacting your dealer. They usually have a staff that handles all the problems that arise. So, do not wait if you see problems!

Do not forget that you will want to keep track of any correspondence (usually, contact it in writing by certified mail) in order to have a written record in case your problems are not handled properly.

If you can not ask the manufacturer or your reseller to solve your problems, maybe it's time to try to solve it elsewhere. After buying a mobile home in New York and encountering a problem that can not be resolved by the reseller or the manufacturer, you should contact the Code Implementation and Administration Division / Prefabricated Homes Division and file a complaint. These are the qualifications for ranking according to their page:

Any homeowner, retailer, manufacturer, installer, mechanic or lending entity may file a complaint with the state department in order to resolve the alleged problem that there is a substantial defect in the state, the Installation, service or construction of a prefabricated house. "Substantial defect" means a defect or a number of defects or other conditions in the condition, installation, service or construction of a prefabricated house that together may reasonably cost $ 500 or more. The complaint must be filed within one year and ten days from the date of service, installation or issuance of a certificate of occupation, or from the date of service. expiration of any applicable provision of a contract or warranty, whichever is later.

Source: Code Implementation and Administration Division / Prefabricated Homes Division

Living in a mobile home in New York

When you think of New York, the skyscrapers of New York are probably the first thing that comes to your mind. However, we also met some very nice mobile homes. Simple panoramic views, double panoramic views and even beautiful little houses by the lake. These are just a few that we found on Zillow.

The owners have made this mobile home a showcase!

Related: Take a look at other cool little houses we've found over the years: Model House of Key Largo Park, Park House Decorating Ideas – Beach Cottage Chic, and These mobile homes park models with stunning views are dream homes.

Older simple models can still be wonderful homes.

The purchase of a mobile home in New York is an excellent choice for the growing population of the state. If you are thinking of buying a mobile home in New York, we hope that our resources will help you before, during and after your purchase. Whether you want to live in a community or on your own land, the choice is yours!

Keep watching our next episode of the State Guide series, as we explore the purchase of a mobile home in Kansas. And as always, thank you for reading Mobil Home Living.

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