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Information that you can use when buying a mobile home in Louisiana

Our series of state guides continues and this week we pay close attention to the information that you can use when buying a mobile home in Louisiana. Be sure to check out our other installments by visiting our Section of the state guide.

The facts about mobile homes in Louisiana

With more than 4.7 million people living in Louisiana, it is not surprising that Louisiana has many mobile home manufacturers. The houses are built according to the specific specifications of the region and of course meet all the current requirements of the HUD. Some of the other interesting facts about Louisiana include:

The average price for a used house: 64435 $
Average model year of a used house: 2011
Average size of used houses in square feet: 1491
Average number of sites in a prefabricated community: 78
Average year of creation of a community: 1992
Number of communities restricted to age: 6
Number of communities of all ages: 339

Know before you buy

As with any major purchase, it is always good to do your homework before buying. Fortunately, before buying a mobile home in Louisiana, you can visit the Website of the Louisiana Manufactured Housing Association learn why buying a mobile home is a good idea. Their philosophy, the dream of accessing the property is no longer a dream when you can buy a prefabricated house. And we could not agree more!

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You can learn more about their site, including the tax advantages of owning a new prefabricated house, why they represent a good value for money, not to mention the level of quality of manufactured homes.

Louisiana MHA
4847 Revere Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
(225) 925-9041

Do not forget it after the sale …

Once you have bought your new or used home, you will want to make sure your new home is legal. Louisiana has a slightly different process for assigning titles to mobile homes. The house must be declared as real estate and the following operations must be carried out:

  • The original certificate of title or the certificate of origin of the manufacturer.
  • An act of sale.
  • An affidavit to immobilize.
  • The affidavit must contain a statement from the owner and, if applicable, from the lien holder, that the prefabricated house will remain permanently attached to the lot or parcel of land described in the law.
  • The affidavit must also contain a description of the factory-made house as described on the certificate of origin.
  • A completed vehicle application form (DPSMV 1799)
  • Taxes on prefabricated homes must be paid no later than the 20th of the month following the month in which the prefabricated house was delivered to the buyer. The delivery will be considered the day the buyer will take possession of the house.
  • A penalty will be set at the rate of 5% per 30 days or fraction thereof (maximum of 25%) and interest at a rate of 1.25% per 30 days or fraction thereof (no maximum) for files received after the 20th of the month following the delivery month.
  • Files received after this date must contain either a proof of the delivery date (in the form of an acknowledgment of receipt / voucher signed by the client or installer / delivery person, or an affidavit from the dealer or lien holder), ie a declaration of delivery was required.
  • The proof of delivery must indicate the customer's name, description (make, year and vehicle identification number) and the delivery date. The delivery date must be entered in the "tax date" field.
  • A file should not be rejected as proof of the delivery date it is received no later than the 20th of the month following the month of purchase, as the penalty and interest are not due. In this case, the purchase date can be entered in the "Taxation Date" field.
  • The applicable sales tax, $ 8.00 handling fee and parish fees (if applicable) must be submitted with each file. Refer to Section IV of Policy # 47.0 for more information on sales tax.

NOTE: No title will be generated for a factory-built house that will be locked. Source: Office of Motor Vehicles.

Do not forget that if you buy a mobile home in Louisiana from a reseller, this one will probably take care of that for you.

If there are any problems

Each new mobile home includes a one year warranty for prefab homes. This warranty covers manufacturer's defects as well as any problems that may occur during installation. If you encounter a problem, make sure you keep all your correspondence (preferably in writing) in order to keep a written record that you have tried to solve your problem in the first year.

Unfortunately, sometimes you can not solve your problems by dealing directly with the dealer. In these cases, you will want to file a dispute with the state to resolve it. Louisiana is one of the states that allows the Federal HUD Dispute Resolution Program to deal with all conflicts between mobile home owners and dealers and installers.

To use the HUD Prefabricated Housing Dispute Resolution Program, you can submit your complaint in several ways:

Online E-mail:(protected email) Telephone: 571-882-2928 Fax: 888-819-5191 Mail (preferably certified): ATTN: Prefabricated House Dispute Resolution Program 1676 International Drive Suite 501 McLean, VA, 22102

Mobile Home in Louisiana

One of the first things we noticed when looking for awesome mobile homes to share with you in Louisiana was the magnificent views that can be found throughout the state. Here are some examples we found on Zillow.

With less than 10 states left to explore, our series of buying guides is coming to an end. What you need to know when buying a mobile home in New York next week!

Thank you for reading Mobil Home Living.

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