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Holiday Hosting: Decorating Your Space for Guests

One of my favourite things to do year round is host in our home. Even before we renovated our Ravine House, we were often the ‘go to’ when it came to hosting friends or family. We just loved doing it! And now that we have completed most of the projects around here, we are that much more excited to offer up our home and have people over. Even more so around the holidays. There really is nothing better than having the ones you love in the place that makes you happiest, right?

So when it comes to decorating for the holidays, I tend to keep that hosting role in the back of my mind. Instead of going overboard, I like to keep things simple with small, sophisticated touches that spill over into each space. Colours are soft and understated and emphasis is placed on cozy textures that create a warm, inviting atmosphere for my guests (and me!!). I find a lot of the decor from Crate and Barrel fits this theme perfectly and it’s why I’ve collected many pieces over the years. Timeless holiday decor that gets me excited to use each season and do some holiday hosting!

holiday hosting, holiday decor

Our living room always gets the festive touch since we spend more time here because of the fireplace.  Naturally people want to be gathered around it when it’s so cold outside. I always move our furniture around to accommodate a better angle towards the fireplace and, of course, the tree nestled in beside it. Normally we have a real tree here, but this year I wanted to try something different and go more minimal. I loved this faux pine tree – pre-lit and so easy to pop together. The simple ornaments compliment it perfectly, without overwhelming the small frame. My favourite new addition – this sage nordic ornament

holiday hosting, holiday decorholiday hosting, holiday decor

I love adding little vignettes around the room to create more interest too. A couple ceramic trees surrounded by greens, a reindeer here and a woven garland there. It’s all about drawing the eye around the room and then creating a snug setting for people. Extra soft blankets, plush pillows and a roaring fire make it the ultimate place to land. 

holiday hosting, holiday decorholiday hosting, holiday decorholiday hosting, holiday decor

My same design rules apply to other rooms in the house too – even the bathroom. Not many people think to add holiday decor here, but guests will be visiting this space as well, so it’s the perfect opportunity to add some festivity. A simple start – grabbing some branches and greenery outside and placing them in various vases. Inexpensive and easy to swap out over the month. 

holiday hosting, holiday decorholiday hosting, holiday decor

I like to have cotton balls, etc. at the ready and easily accessible in beautiful glass canisters (which stay out year round btw), a fresh towel and a couple of luxurious lotions or soaps for them to enjoy. And if any overnight guests want to unwind and have a bubble bath, I can create the most beautiful setting with my hanging taper holders. The light bounces around and casts the best shadows! Next year, I am definitely adding in some more greenery in the bottom of them, which will make it feel even more festive.

holiday hosting, holiday decorholiday hosting, holiday decor

What do you think of my holiday decor this year? Can you imagine coming over and spending some time here? What do you like to do to get ready to host over the holidays? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Meanwhile, here are a few more decor items I love from Crate and Barrel

White Ceramic Houses | Adra Vase | Shower Gel | Hand and Body Lotion


Want to see more of my holiday home decor? Head here!

Thank you to Crate and Barrell for collaborating on this post. An incredible brand that supports small businesses like myself.

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