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4 amazing manufactured homes for sale

Table of Contents (Skip to section) One of the most interesting things about mobile homes is the unlimited potential that can be found there. Whether it is a small single width or a large triple triple width, nothing can be accomplished. And these 6 superb prefabricated houses for sale prove …

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A Look at Buying a New Jersey Mobile Home

Table of Contents (Skip to section) This week, we are looking at buying a mobile home in New Jersey, which happens to be the most populous state in the country. From research to buying before taking a look at some of the cool homes in the state, we cover it …

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25 cool retro mobile home park signs

Table of Contents (Skip to section) Neon signs and mobile homes have a lot in common. Both started in the early 1900s, both were once symbols of a fun era, both suffered from leaked trade secrets and patent issues, and both were ultimately branded as symbols of 39; shabby establishments. …

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This 1977 double width remodeling is fabulous

Table of Contents (Skip to section) The modern farmhouse style has taken the country by storm and it's always fun to see how the owners give the style their own unique look. We found this 1977 double width remodel for sale in California and it is a perfect example of …

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Our top tips for new home buyers

Table of Contents (Skip to section) Buying a new prefab house is not a walk in the park. I wish I could say that it's a bit like buying a house built on a site, but it isn't. In fact, it is completely different from buying a new house built …

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A Look at Buying a Mobile Home in Connecticut

Table of Contents (Skip to section) We continue our guide to buying mobile homes while our attention stays north this week with a look at buying a mobile home in Connecticut. We only have a handful of states left to cover, including a glimpse of Nebraska, Minnesota and Wyoming in …

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