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Another beautiful leather sofa – Review of Cigar's article

If you know me and you've been following me for a while, you know I'm a major article fan. I have several pieces of them and loved them. Not to mention, I bought dozens of chairs, sofas, tables, etc. for clients and I never had to complain. So, it's not a surprise if I still have a piece of them, right ?! This time, I'm talking about a whole other beautiful leather sofa – the sofa Article Cigar.

leather sofas, article Cigar

Ok, from the start, you may wonder, but what about the Sven ?! Rest assured, I always LOVE our Sven and think it's the best leather couch currently on the market for its comfort, style and affordability. I like it so much that I basically thought another A leather option for a different space from our house would be a great option for our family. So why the cigar?

I saw the Sectional Mello in the cabin of Chris Loves Juliawho has a very similar look, and thought that it seemed perfect. Casual style, beautiful soft leather and what seemed to be a beautiful deep seat. I thought I would try the Cigar because I wanted to create the same atmosphere in a standard sofa, and not in section. Honestly, I did not know how we would feel about lower backs or heavier feelings, but I had never been disappointed before, so I took the plunge!leather sofas, article Cigar

He arrived, as usual, like crazy, and the delivery went off without a hitch. The guys unloaded it, unpacked it and pulled the boxes to separate them! Seriously, you can not beat that. Ryan was at home at that time and called me to tell me how much he loved him already. You see, he was already slumped over, adjusted from head to toe … and he's 6'2 people. So right now, I knew this part was going to be great for us. Naps and cuddles will be possible for the largest member of our household. But what about the rest …

leather sofas, article Cigar

General comfort – It's comfortable! Yes, the back cushion is a bit lower than anything we've owned, but it just means that we bend more with our feet up when we sit there, sinking a little more. This is not something I would necessarily put in a "movie theater", but in general, I think this sofa is really comfortable. The seats are beautiful and deep and my God, this rawhide is softer than soft. Like butter people!

leather sofas, article Cigar

A function – You know what I love most about this couch and having a young family … no back cushions. It may sound weird, but Jack started to disorganize our sofas and I always found that I was repairing, cleaning and tidying them. I love the fact that this sofa has a nice stable structure, very convenient for children. Add some cushions and it's perfect. The low profile also allows him to get up and down easily and when the baby number 2 arrives, I think it will be really convenient for laying with her, etc.

leather sofas, article Cigar

(Also side note – what a beautiful new my Uusi Henry green pillow look at the caramel leather?!?! I'm in love!)

leather sofas, article Cigar

Style – while I tend to prefer mid-century style furniture (and why I like it the Sven) I'm surprised how much I like this more relaxed atmosphere next to our fireplace. This makes our living room more inviting and more intimate and I welcome the fact that I do not have to clean below because there are no legs that lift it off the floor. The exposed seams are gorgeous and give the impression of being really deconstructed and laid back. And again, the low profile helps make our space bigger.

leather sofas, article Cigar

Finally – care! It's a big problem and I know that leather can be intimidating for many people. Splashes, stains and scratches are part of life, especially when you have two big dogs, a very busy toddler and a baby on the way. But for me, these things make the leather look like it is being lived and the aging patina can be very pretty. You must agree with this look because leather is definitely harder to maintain in perfect condition. And if that still worries you, Article has even written a guide on how to maintain leather furniture One of the things I do with this couch is that I still have more jets on and around, so if Jack wants to cuddle him with his water bottle, I do not stress so much … because, actually, Water spots are always our biggest enemy with a toddler.

leather sofas, article Cigarleather sofas, article Cigar

Leather sofas, Cigar item, living room decorleather sofas, article Cigar

I love the way our front salon is finally getting together … it's a room in constant transition with pieces coming and going. When I found my vintage library, I knew I was on the right track. The addition of rich caramel cigar leather went even further. The last thing on my list is to find a better coffee table solution, although at the moment, two poufs serve us perfectly. Jack loves the open play area and the dogs too! So for now, I'm happy to take a break here and focus my design energy elsewhere!

What do you think ?! Is the Cigar sofa to fit the space? If you want to know more about the quality or style of others leather sofas, shop all right here

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