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A look inside a renovated English holiday home • Mobile home

We had the chance to present mobile home remodels from the United States, but we have never had the chance to share a renovated English holiday home so far.

Peter McGowan, member of our Facebook group Mobile Home Living: Renovations and repairs, Was kind enough to share his recently renovated English holiday home with us. It is a magnificent house that proves that a prefabricated house, whatever its construction or size, can become a modern and elegant home.

In England, prefabricated homes for full-time living are called holiday homes and are usually located in parks. These houses are not quite as stereotyped and stigmatized as mobile homes are here in the United States.

Robust but boring

Peter bought the 1999 vacation home for about 1300 pounds ($ 1670). Although nothing special, the house was healthy and had a lot of potential. All he needed was minutiae and imagination.

English holiday homes are generally smaller than US prefabricated homes.

Find the hidden beauty in this renovated English holiday home

Peter gave us an overview of his completed projects up to the renovated English holiday home.

First, he basically emptied the house. He snatched the room from friends, added a wall in the kitchen, installed a gas stoveand added an integrated seating area for the home.

Then he added new floor and carpet, blinds, cut windows and painted and painted inside. Finally, he added the plinth to the outside. To date, the cost of renovations has cost approximately £ 2,000 (approximately $ 2,500).

caravan interior front
The holiday house before the renovation.
caravan ripping off
The interior has been emptied.

Emptying the interior walls and windows, Peter decided to continue and improve the ceiling as well as. In the picture below, you can see how a static English caravan is built. The farms seem to be 24 "OC.

caravan during the repair of the renovation ceiling
Installation of a new ceiling in the caravan.

There is so much to love in this renovated English holiday home. The comfortable sitting area surrounded by contrasting gray and black wallpaper creates a modern yet welcoming atmosphere. It's a completely different style from Peter's.

Good advice for homeowners about to renovate their home

I asked Peter if he had any tips or tricks for other owners interested in renovating their own home. His advice was to take your time and not be afraid.

Completing a remodeling, whether it 's an entire house or a single room, is one of the best feelings in the world. It is common to want to remodel, especially if you live at home during the project, but Peter recommends taking your time.

He also suggests that homeowners repel their fears and take the first step to create the home of their dreams. If you break down an entire project into smaller tasks, it is easier to manage and less tedious.

caravan trim around the windows
The details around the windows add to the charm of the room.

The details are important, especially in a small house. By framing the window of decorative trim and corners, Peter gave more visibility to the windows and helped light the room.

caravan floor after laying
It's amazing how soil can transform a room.

Find the perfect balance

The final result of Peter's remodeling is magnificent!

It's hard to make a small space look comfortable and bright but Peter has found the perfect balance. Without all this penetrating light in the room, the darker walls could easily have created a dark cavernous space. However, the darker walls and floors, combined with all the light from the many windows, combined perfectly. This is a great lesson in balance for anyone living in a smaller home.

caravan wood burner
The wood stove is small but perfect for the home.
finished caravan interior
Bright living room but still comfortable.

Peter plans to finish remodeling the kitchen and update the bedroom and bathroom according to the rest of the house. I hope that he will also share his latest projects with us.

Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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