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A Look at Buying a New Jersey Mobile Home

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This week, we are looking at buying a mobile home in New Jersey, which happens to be the most populous state in the country. From research to buying before taking a look at some of the cool homes in the state, we cover it all.

New Jersey Facts

There are over 127 miles of coastline in New Jersey. Making it the perfect home for great vacation retreats filled with cool mobile homes. Take a look at some of the other facts we found about mobile homes in New Jersey:

Average price of a second-hand house: $ 82,062
Average model year of a used house: 2001
Average size of a used house in square feet: 1101
Average locations in a prefabricated community: 166
Average year of community development: 1979
Number of age-restricted communities: 66
Number of communities of all ages: 151

Double width with landscaping
Even a small covered landing can complete the appearance of a mobile home.

How to research before buying

One of the greatest resources available to a potential homeowner when considering buying a mobile home in New Jersey is access to the New Jersey Manufactured Housing Association website. While you learn about why pre-fabricated housing becomes a first choice for new owners, what value and features are in mobile homes, how to finance and where to place your new mobile home.

New Jersey MHA
2741 Nottingham Way
Trenton, NJ 08619
(609) 588-9040

Registration of your new mobile home

According to New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, a mobile home must be titled within 10 days of purchase so as not to have a penalty. You will need to bring the following when registering your home:

  • Acceptable proof of identity.
  • A manufacturer's certificate of origin (MCO) or title of origin duly completed and signed.
  • If the vehicle is funded, you must provide the address and identification number of the lien holder's entity (formerly corpcode). The original title will be sent to the lien holder.
  • Fees of $ 60 or $ 85 for a funded vehicle.

Remember that if you are buying a new mobile home, the reseller will usually take care of the registration for you. Just make sure that when you sign the documents needed for closing, make sure they are included.

Post-sale problem management

All new mobile homes include a one year warranty for prefabricated homes. This warranty covers manufacturer's defects as well as problems that may arise from installation. Make sure you take a good look at your new home after it is set up. Contact the dealer if you see any problems. Be sure to keep good records of all communications (preferably communicate in writing) so that you have a paper trail showing that you have tried to resolve your issues in the first year.

If you are unable to resolve your issues, you will need to use the HUD manufactured housing dispute resolution program. New Jersey does not administer their program. Instead, they are part of the federal agenda that deals with these issues. You can submit your complaint in the following ways:

Online E-mail:(protected by e-mail) Telephone: 571-882-2928 Fax: 888-819-5191 Mail (preferably certified): ATTN: Prefabricated House Dispute Resolution Program 1676 International Drive Suite 501 McLean, Virginia, 22102

Mobile home living in New Jersey

When looking for cool mobile homes to share with you in New Jersey, the first thing I noticed was the variety of homes available. Although New Jersey is primarily urban, there are houses on Zillow in mobile home parks, on their own grounds and many waterfront homes that would make wonderful vacation homes.

Take a look at a few that are available:

Buy a mobile home in New Jersey Small Single Wide
It looks like a perfect life by the lake!
Double width with painted shutters and door
Perfect picture!
Double width with awning
Awnings are a good choice if a porch is not an option.

Buying a mobile home in New Jersey is a great idea. With the ever growing population in the state, prefab housing will continue to be a smart choice for potential homeowners that is both economical and offers the same value as houses built from sticks.

Stay tuned while we finish our series, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Massachusetts ending us.

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