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A Look at Buying a Mobile Home in Connecticut

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We continue our guide to buying mobile homes while our attention stays north this week with a look at buying a mobile home in Connecticut. We only have a handful of states left to cover, including a glimpse of Nebraska, Minnesota and Wyoming in the coming weeks.

Connecticut Mobile Home Facts

Did you know that there are only two states smaller than Connecticut in the United States, but that there are more than 3.5 million people living in the state ? We also found these facts about mobile homes in Connecticut:

The average price of a used house: $ 80,993
Average model year of a used house: 1996
Average size of a used house in square feet: 936
Average locations in a prefabricated community: 86
Average year of community development: 1979
Number of age-restricted communities: 27
Number of communities of all ages: 86

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Connecticut Single Wide
A covered porch is important for the cold winters of Connecticut.

Know Before You Buy

There are so many things to consider when making a big purchase. If you're thinking of buying a mobile home in Connecticut, your first place to start is Connecticut Manufactured Housing Association. Not only do they have links to different manufacturers available in the state, but they also have listings for all of the mobile home communities and all of the businesses that are members of the association.

Connecticut MHA
PO Box 605
Bristol, CT 06011
(860) 584-5915

Keep this in mind after the sale

Once you have chosen your new or "new for you" mobile home, it is time to make it legal. Connecticut does things a little differently from most states. Here is what we were able to find on the Connecticut government website:

Any person who owns a mobile prefab house on or after October 1, 1986 must file with the clerk of the municipality in which the mobile prefab house is located, a certificate of title, a deed of sale or any other document attesting that the person owns the manufactured mobile home. On or after October 1, 1986, any person holding security interest in such a mobile prefab house may deposit the security for registration in the land registers of the municipality in which the mobile prefab house is located.

Source: Connecticut Government Official Site

So my suggestion would be to contact your local DMV or the county clerk's office to see exactly what their process is. It looks different depending on the location of the hearth and the age.

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Warranty issues after sale

As we mentioned before, all new mobile homes include a one year warranty for prefabricated homes. The warranty covers manufacturer's defects as well as problems that can go wrong during installation. Be sure to keep good records of all communications (preferably communicate in writing) so that you have a paper trail showing that you have tried to resolve your issues in the first year.

If you are unable to resolve your issues, you will need to use the housing dispute resolution program in the HUD. Connecticut is one of the states that does not administer their own program. Instead, they are part of the federal program in place. You can submit your complaint in the following ways:

E-mail: (protected by e-mail)
Phone: 571-882-2928
Fax: 888-819-5191
Mail (preferably certified):
ATTN: Prefabricated House Dispute Resolution Program
1676 International Drive
Suite 501
McLean, Virginia, 22102

Connecticut Living Mobile Home

Each week our favorite part of these articles shares some of the great homes you can find when you are considering buying a mobile home in Connecticut. They were found on Zillow, but you can also find great purchases on Realtor.com and sites like Facebook Marketplace.

Buying a Connecticut Mobile Home with Sun Porch
I love the solar porch that connects this mobile home and garage.
Connecticut Cute Home
With an awning added in summer, this porch is perfect!
Connecticut Double Wide with landscape
I love the addition of landscape at the end of this house.

As you can see, buying a mobile home in Connecticut is a fairly simple process, as it is in most states. Not to mention, there are superb homes available. So if you live in Connecticut, living in a mobile home is the way to go!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile home.

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