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11 Awesome RV Makeovers • Mobile Home Living

RV living is the ultimate in mobile home living if you think about it. You can’t get much more mobile! To live in a small camper and travel the world is my dream and I can’t wait to get to experience it. I actually have dreams about driving toward the Rockies with my Airstream in tow! For the best mobile home living, you gotta be stylish and these 11 RV makeovers have that covered.


Jacqueline, at JacquelineSarahH on Instagram, and her fiance bought their RV to live in fulltime while saving money for their first home. Two adults and a small child lived in this little piece of RV perfection for a several months but a new baby made a move into a bigger house necessary.

Here’s what the RV looked like before the makeover:

The RV after the makeover. She doesn’t say what make or model the home is but it appears to be one of the Wolf series camper by Cherokee.

They were living in style!

5th Wheel Living

The Flipping Nomad on Instagram has a great lemons to lemonade story. A few years ago she was so desperate for housing she bought an RV to live in. While living in it she fixed it up and then sold it and got another. She’s transformed several RVs and is now a spokesperson for the Keystone RV Company (@keystonervcompany).

Here are a few of her RV makeovers:

Fifth Wheel Living

Kirsten Trout, her husband, and three little dogs live in this 300 square foot RV in Nashville, TN. She’s a proclaimed cheapskate and DIYs a lot of the ideas you see on her Instagram, @fifth_wheel_living.

Here’s the RV before:

The RV after:

We have lived full time in our fifth wheel for over a year with our three dogs and we love it!


Kirsten describes her home as a studio on wheels and it’s easy to see that her creativity knows no bounds. Though she does admit to wishing she had a larger bathroom, the RV has all the luxuries of home except a dishwasher. She told Apartment Therapy that her favorite room was the living room because it’s so cozy and she can see all the other rooms from the central space.

Here’s the before and after of the TV center:


We found this RV makeover a few weeks ago @ leeannieblivin on Instagram but it seems to be gone now. Regardless, the RV is gorgeous.

I love, love, love the wood moment on the counter. This RV office isn’t playing around!

RV Makeover Tip: Add Lighting to Make an RV Interior Feel Larger

Twinkle lights are a big hit with RV owners. One of the biggest secrets to making an RV interior feel larger is to add as much lighting as possible. After all, there aren’t a lot of windows on an RV so you need to introduce your own light. You can see on the ceiling above the small LED twinkle lights were added.

I adore this entire kitchen. Teal is my favorite color!


The simple cat lady is a teacher and her husband and their cats living in an RV. Not just any RV but one that has been given a beautiful makeover.

Everyone in this RV is living the good life with less stress and probably a lot fewer bills.

They are really roughing it! Shew!

Dreamy No. 9 Farms: 1949 Spartan Mansion

If you ever visit the Nashville area and love vintage RVs you will want to check out this Airbnb listing

No.9 Farms in Ashland City. Situated on over 40 acres, the trailer sits under a brand new pavilion with an amazing outdoor bath house, kitchen, an outdoor covered deck and a fire pit.


For the Love of Millie

This 1975 16 foot Millard Vintage Caravan is stationed in New South Wales, Australia. It gets lots of love from a very active family of 4. It’s a gorgeous RV makeover!

My 2nd Hand Home

The description for the RV Drifters Instagram account says she’s not homeless just houseless. It’s a great RV makeover that oozes warmth and comfort.

I think this next photo may be my favorite photo on Instagram (besides my own kid, of course). That sly grin is wonderful!

The before and after images of the RV bathroom is amazing.

Airstream Renovation

Ya’ll know I love vintage Airstreams and I cannot wait to get mine finished so I can show it off. It won’t be as great as this one though. Wren the Airstream is a gorgeous newer model RV.

Husky Tails

Our final RV makeover is from Zach and Lauren at HuskyTails_and_NomadicTrails. The couple has traveled extensively in their stylish RV with two adorable Huskies.

RV Makeovers Summary

If these 11 RV makeovers haven’t inspired you something is seriously wrong. I noticed there is a clear trend in home decor and I’m loving it – warm wood paired with dark sexy black is always a winner!

Which is your favorite design? Do you have an RV makeover? We’d love to feature it!

Thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living®!

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